Hello, my name is John and I’m a serial Quitter…

Last night I had the opportunity to briefly meet one of my inspirations: Jon Acuff.

Jon is the author of the humor/satire blog stuffchristianslike.com, and three books; one of which is a best-seller. His third book, Quitter, was released yesterday, and I had the privilege (I had to spell that word like six times before I got it right) to be at a book-signing in Grapevine.

First of all, Jon is a really nice guy. Pleasant, easy to talk to, real, down-to-earth. Before I fawn over him too much, though, I will say that he’s deeply flawed. I know this because of his books. He doesn’t pull any punches revealing his own weaknesses and pitfalls in his books and blog. That’s why I like him so much; because I relate to his story and struggles. I relate to the flaws. I relate to his past frustration.

Quitter is about “closing the gap between your dream job and your day job.”  It’s a book for people who have a job they really don’t like, and dream of quitting to do what they really love. Spoiler alert: the book says not to do that. That there’s a right way to quit your day job. Quitter is about quitting the right way. This isn’t something I like to hear, honestly. I daydream about leaving my day job to do something I love all the time. Thinking of the “what ifs” is what keeps me going, some days. I have come so close to quitting, just because I often feel like I’m wasting my time and talents. However, I have a family, and bills, and responsibilities that prevent me from giving in to those urges. Acuff addresses this problem in Quitter. I haven’t gotten far in the book yet, but it’s already making me squirm in displeasure and discomfort…and that’s a good thing. I need to be able to look past the dissatisfaction with the status quo. I need to face the hard decisions and challenges if I’m ever going to quit my day job the right way.

I recommend Quitter for anyone who isn’t currently living their “dream” job. Let’s be honest; that’s most people.

Check it out.

Quitter in hardback.

Quitter for Kindle.

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